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New Garlic DNA: True Seeds, Improved varieties

New varieties • True unique seeds • Clonal identical seeds

Restoring seeds in garlic

Garlic lost the ability to flower and create fertile seeds 7,000 years ago. Classeed recovered this ability through persistent research. Classeed develops true garlic seeds made from garlic flowers. The seeds enable the making of new varieties and genotypes with completely new plant DNA. Those varieties can be planted in various areas worldwide and open the door to a revolution in garlic production.

We discovered new ways to propagate garlic with a much higher multiplication factor while saving enormous costs to the grower.

Garlic is grown by planting cloves. Cloves have the same DNA as the parent plant. The cloves are exposed to many viruses & sicknesses. Most of the garlic grown today surfers from low production and uneven shape and appearance.

Classeed’s achievements are based on knowledge accumulated by top Israel’s governmental research center with the collaboration of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

We offer our partners worldwide acquiring the new technology to have better garlic with a sophisticated breeding system.

Don’t use cloves anymore – Get clonal or true garlic seeds

New garlic varieties with new genetic material (DNA) and innovative academic know-how. We can completely change the traditional garlic market.

We teamed up with two worldwide known research institutes in Israel:

Classeed’s technologies are based on more than 20 years of research by Prof. Kamenetsky and by Prof. Rabinowitch.

We found new methods of garlic propagation to replace limited and expensive methods of clove planting used in the last 7,000 years.

New Garlic Varieties With New Genetics

Technology & Products

  • 150-250 multiplication factor

  • True garlic seeds

  • Completely new varieties with improved DNA

  • Single clove - 'solo' garlic